Advantages of the M/K Sheet Formers

M/K Systems Inc. offers both semi-automatic and automatic laboratory sheet formers.  Unlike simpler systems, our device uses a controlled air turbulence for the best mixing, followed by an optimal draining design that enhances sheet formation.  This system allows you to optimize the paper making process, and produce sheets with consistent basis weights and uniformity.

MK Sheet Former (series 9000)

Advantages of our Sheet Formers

Our laboratory paper machines provide the best mixing options available.   Each sheet former has an air-based turbulent mixing system that manufactures high-quality paper with consistent basis weight between runs, and good sheet formation. In addition, the devices are simple and straightforward

MK Manual SF

The new Semi-Automatic Sheet Former

This lower cost sheet former produces high quality 11" x 11" sheets. The device is easy to operate, allows for quick wire changes, includes whitewater recirculation, records drainage time, and is easily cleaned. These aspects make this a desirable alternative to the fully automated system.