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M/K Systems Inc. offers the most precise laboratory pulp digesters available.  Run precision cooks in one or both vessels at a time.  Rapidly circulating liquor through our unique mixing module to obtain the best liquor/wood interactions.    Cook your systems through traditional temperature/time segments or H-factor.  Obtain low variation in your KAPPA numbers.  Each patented vessel has a patented liquor mixing module, an anti-turbulent tubing design, and high-speed pumps give you the best liquor/chip interaction available.   We have options that allow you to easily and safely inject additives during your cookRent or purchase our high-pressure pulp digesters for all of your cooking needs.  The digester is easy to use, safe, and reliable.  Use our systems for kraft cooks, sulfite cooks, bleaching, cooking with additives, etc.  Give us a call to try our system.  

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GA Tech Digester
M/K Digester with options
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Details and industry references of Our Patented technology


Temperature control is +/ 0.1°C, and both liquor and vapor temperatures are recorded.  Our rapid cooling technology cools quickly enough so that operators can run several cooking cycles per day.  Our liquor transfer design allows you to optionally use one vessel as a boiler and transfer over all fluids to the other vessel.  All aspects are easy to use and reliable.  

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Some of the typical cooking materials include:

  • All Soft Woods & Hard Woods

  • Bamboo

  • Bagasse

  • Bio-based materials

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