M/K ASME & CE Certified Laboratory Pulp Digesters

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The Most Precise Laboratory Digesters Available

M/K Systems Inc. offers the most precise laboratory pulp digesters available. Each system has a patented liquor mixing module, an anti-turbulent tubing design, and high-speed pumps give you the best liquor/chip interaction available.
Our digesters are protected by our design patent US 7, 811, 416 and US 8, 172, 984.  Other patents are pending.

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What Makes Our Product Stand Out

Each system has liquor and vapor sensors, triple insulation layers, excellent system temperature control, and many other redundant safety features. No other digester can match our device’s performance.  Our patented liquor module optimizes chip-liquor interactions.

With the M/K Digester you will obtain excellent results. This means that the extent of cooking is incredibly precise and reliable. As of 2019, our 10-liter systems heat to 175°C from room temperature in about 35 minutes, whether you are cooking by H-factor or traditional temperature/time segments.

Additionally, the liquor temperature control is typically +/ 0.1°C for our modern systems. Our cooling technology also avoids most pump cavitation problems and cools quickly enough so that operators can run several cooking cycles per day. Each M/K Digester includes a sampling condenser for extracting black liquor at high temperatures.

Some of the typical cooking materials include:

  • Wood Pulp

  • Bamboo

  • Bagasse

  • Numerous Bio & Cellulose cooking applications

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