M/K 3D Formation Analyzer


Our 3D Formation Analyzer Can Detect the Smallest Details

M/K Systems Inc. offers the M/K 3D formation analyzer, which uses a focused beam and a sensitive optical sensor to detect fractional differences in your sheet. The focused beam scans a larger area with greater precision any camera system.

What It Does

The device measures formation index, floc data, low density data, and optical basis weight. It has the ability to correlate optical basis weight with actual basis weight, which gives you confidence in the results. This is supported by the evidence from our many patent references.

What Makes It Special

The instrument can include a large area greater than 160b mm x 160 mm in a single scan, something no other optical device can match. Best of all, the M/K 3D formation analyzer is not limited by focal length challenges nor lens issues due to natural curvature in cameras.

What to Look Out for This 2019

The device now offers an enhanced and extremely thorough scan, with greater discrimination than earlier versions. It can analyze via transmission samples from 5 grams/m2 to sheets greater than 450 grams/m2. The instrument now also offers an enhanced light and optical source, which allows operators to easily scan linerboard materials and other dense grades of paper.