M/K GATS Liquid Absorption Tester

Precision liquid absorbency Measurements

The M/K GATS measures liquid absorbency capacity and absorbency rate in tissues, textiles, paper towels,  powders, feminine hygiene products, polymers, or almost any solid.  Our patented liquid interface reveals absorbency differences not obtainable through other methods.

Some typical absorbency materials used in the GATS include: 

  • Nonwovens, Textiles, and Cotton materials.
  • Tissues and Paper Towels absorbency 
  • Clothing, apparel, textiles, polyesters, and other materials to model sweating. 
  • Diapers, tampons, and other Feminine Hygiene Products.
  • Absorbency in Cat litters, sodium bentonite, and other clays.
  • Polymers, Powders, and other granular substrates.
  • Pulp, fiberglass, or other materials with a threaded or string-laced structure.

Some industry standards and patents the M/K GATS complies with include:

  • TAPPI T-561 (Currently undergoing revision)

  • ASTM D5802

  • ISO 9073-12
  • NEW IN 2020: AATCC-TM200 Water delivery 
  • NEW IN 2020: Pulp-dewatering simulartion
  • US Patent 7,779,685
  • US Patent 8,176,769
  • US Patent 8,869,634     
  • Other patents are pending. 

The M/K Systems GATS now uses a programmable Smart-motor © control to improve accuracy over earlier models.   Our system accurately monitors the liquid uptake by lowering our patented test plate as the liquid is drawn into your substrate through capillary action.

The GATS measures hundreds of data points per minute and automatically graphs your absorbency curves in real time.   Software is used to statistically analyze your absorbency results. 

Send us samples for testing.  You can rent or buy the GATS.  Contact us for further details.

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GATS Softaware 3


Our system provides high resolution curves, real time graphing, summary programs, and statistical analysis.