M/K Gats Liquid Absorbency System


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The M/K GATS Liquid Absorbency System measures absorbency of liquids against time, graphs and analyzes all data.  This automated system is easy to use and reliable. The gravimetric absorption testing system (GATS) uses a patented interface to measure absorbency characteristics, and qualify your products as reliable for absorbency capacity and absorbency rate.

The M/K GATS is compliant with numerous industry standards, including:

  • TAPPI T-561 (Currently being revised)
  • ASTM D5802
  • ISO 9073-12
  • SCAN-C 33:80

Contact us for more details on these methods.  Absorbency sample testing, system rentals, and system purchases are all available.

The GATS measures hundreds of data points per minute and automatically graphs your absorbency curves.  Unlike manual or older absorbency methods, this automated device removes user variation and reveals absorbency differences not attainable in vertical methods.   Now you can measure the impact from changing your substrates pore size, thickness, coating impact, etc.    

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