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M/K Systems ASME And CE Certified Laboratory Digesters
The M/K Systems Design Is Protected By 3 US Patents (US20130062031,US8172984,US7811416)
Our Digesters Meet Numerous USA And International Standards, Including ASME, CRN, CSA, And CE Standards.
M/K Has A Perfect 44 Year Safety Record.

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March 2013
MK's Patent-Pending Multiple heating system was granted. This advancement allows faster cooks with greater precision.
M/K Digester Patent: Http://
This results in the best chemical mixing available for any digester system!

Also from MK:
Rapid liquor circulation is now a standard in our laboratory digester systems-- mix from 1 to 12 liters/minute, three times the velocity of earlier models. Our easy to use pressure-cooker provides excellent chemical/wood chip interactions. Simply program your desired cooking temperatures and cooking times, add the chips and liquor to the vessel, and then run the cooking software. All cooking liquor and vapor temperature data, as well as pressures, are automatically stored to an Excel file. Use the device to cook wood chips, straw, bamboo, or other materials. Now cook by H-factor, G-factor, or traditional temperature/time segments. Bioengineering applications are also ideally suited for this sensitive cooking device. Additional inputs allow the user to pass Ozone or other gasses into the system.

The lab digester is both safe and easy to use. The system runs using Windows based controllers that are simple to operate. Numerous safety features are embedded into the pressure cooker. This laboratory digester has been built, designed and certified to meet BOTH ASME standards and international CE boiler pressure standards . MK is widely used throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, with a perfect 44-year safety record. The MK device is ideally suited from novice users to experienced clients.

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