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M/K Formation Analyzer Model MK1000R
-M/K Formation Index
-Floc & Low Density Data
-Basis Weight Measure
-Surface Roughness Index
-Test Materials Up To 250gsm
- Analyze 8" X 11" Or Tappi Hand Sheets

Sample Water mark in paperWatermark is quantified into flocs (heavy weight areas) and light weight areasDistribution of weight classes in your sample

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Precise Structural Analysis and M/K Formation Index
The M/K formation analyzer uses a laser-type/focused beam technology that penetrates the sheet with great precision, and avoids the light contamination that occurs if you were to use a "flash image" or large light background. The M/K formation tester provides a precise structural analysis and quantifies the formation of the sheet into a simple, reliable number called M/K Index. This widely recognized industry standard ranks your paper from 1-100, with 100 being perfect formation. The device also reveals the structural defects, flocs, and low density areas, as well as a measure of optical basis weight.

3 Levels of Sensitivity
You can change the sensitivity on every MK formation tester, allowing you to "screen out" the less dense problems and focus on just the most dense / worst flocs. If you treat your sheet with chemicals or process changes, this aspect of the device is essential. The ability to measure and see the changes on your paper after making process or chemical changes is critical. Changing the device sensitivity is a particularly useful tool in your analysis. These instruments offer better resolution than other optical analyzers. The heart of M/K's technology is its laser-type analysis of each finite portion of our sheet. Unlike competitors, M/K data gives you the same transmission data whether you flip your sample over, due to the nature of the pixel-by-pixel test. Only MK drum testers can offer the 100% pure transmission data. Basis weight ranges covered range from tissues to heavy cardboards.

Both Transmission and Surface Reflection Formation analysis
The M/K 3-D Sheet Analyzer (model MK975R) gives the user floc and formation data, internal density variations, as well as surface roughness. Surface roughness is obtained using a reflection module that can be purchased as an option. This option gives the user formation of each side of the sheet. Run a transmission formation analysis to get the cumulative data, then determine formation and floc of each side of the paper using the reflection option (drum models only). The MK Surface Roughness index correlates with Parker Print Surface, published in Paper Age. This article is available upon request.

Floc analysis and light weight analysis
M/K formation analyzers give you floc analysis as well as formation. The machines give your distribution of your flocs, size of flocs, and offers insight into the impact on formation. Floc and light weight analysis compliment formation and give you the best understanding of your product.

The most reliable Formation Analysis
These instruments offer better resolution than other optical analyzers. While our camera system is good for heavier grades of paper, our laser-stepping analyzers look at each pixel of your paper individually, resulting in a high quality and reliable measurement. More precise than a camera formation analysis - which is limited due to curved lenses and light bouncing - M/K transmission data is gives you the same transmission data whether you flip your sample or bend it with creases.

Online formation testing
M/K offers online and portable formation testers that compliment our bench top models. These can be used on the wet of your product line.

M/K Sheet Splitter
Split your sample into multiple layers and run formation on each layer to get an excellent understanding of your product.

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