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The Industry Standard in Laboratory Test Equipment

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The Industry Standard in Laboratory Handsheet Forming

Proper laboratory sheet forming capabilities are essential to manufacturers of paper and nonwoven products, and their suppliers. M/K Systems has been making automated handsheet formers for over 20 years, and our instrument is the most advanced of its kind on the market today. The M/K Series 9000 Automated Sheet Former is particularly well suited for research in furnish behavior, handsheet quality, effects of process changes, and chemical effects. Our Sheet Former has exceptional accuracy in stock and chemical addition, which enables the refinement of furnishes and chemical use. Virtually any aspect of a stock or chemical's behavior can be modeled. The Sheet Former lets you make handsheets with a precision that no manual process can match. The Sheet Former is not limited to paper: it can form sheets from any material that can be laid down in sheet fashion. Fully automated control ensures the necessary discrimination and repeatability in handsheet production. Among the options for the Sheet Former are:

  • Number of stocks and chemicals: Up to six different types of pulp and eight different chemicals can be mixed for any handsheet. Individual chemicals can be added incrementally to successive sheets, providing the ideal mechanism for guaging a chemical's effects on the sheet.
  • Oriented sheets: A special deckle makes oriented sheets, providing a handsheet with MD and CD characteristics. The degree of orientation is controlled by the drainage rate from the deckle.
  • Thick stock tank: This allows you to mix chemicals with thick stock pulp (up to 1.5%), especially valuable for chemical testing.
  • Continuous and multi-ply Sheets: The Sheet Former makes continuous sheets by overlapping the edges of successive sheets. It also makes multi-ply sheets by layering sheets on top of one another.
  • Automatic pH and conductivity control: pH and conductivity can be monitored and controlled.
  • Repeatability: The Sheet Former operates with 2% repeatability for the basic weight of successive sheets.
  • Customization: All Sheet Formers are custom-built to individual customer specifications.
  • The Sheet Former makes 12" x 12" (30 x 30cm) sheets
  • Range of Materials: The Sheet Former can make sheets out of virtually any material that can be laid down into a web. Wood pulp, fiberglass, numerous synthetic fibers, cotton, kenaf, and carbon-nickel-stainless steel fibers have all been formed into sheets.
  • The Sheet Former is controlled by a Windows program, enabling accurate reproducibility.

The Series 9000 Sheet Former is especially valuable as a research tool because of the discrimination that it provides in adding stocks and chemicals. Over time you can develop correlations between laboratory handsheeets and the actual production process, allowing users to predict the effects changes in those processes while avoiding costly and avoidable downtime. The SF is the core of any research and development program for manufacturers of sheet-like or web-based products.

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